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There Are Many Weight Loss Programs Out There

There are many Weight Loss programs out there, but what sets us apart is our commitment to your long-term success. Our approach is based on sound medical principles and has been proven effective over decades of use. We have helped tens of thousands of clients achieve their weight loss goals, and have built a reputation for helping people lose weight Safely and Sustainably.


Our team of dedicated Physicians is with you every step of the way. You'll receive a comprehensive evaluation at the start of your program and have ongoing access to in-office consultations. We'll document and monitor your vitals during every visit, and provide Counseling, Support and Motivation to help you reach your goals.


We are not interested in trendy weight loss fads or phenomenon – we have stuck with what works. Our program is simple, without contracts or add-ons to purchase, and very affordable. You are always in control and welcome to return monthly, or every two weeks for B12 injections and weigh-ins. Our Illinois-licensed Medical Doctors are always present for your consultation and guidance.

White Earth

In addition to all of these great competitive advantages our program has to offer over other programs, Jorie’s is the most cost-effective and affordable option available, compared to similar programs.


Prior to the crazy inflation hike we have witnessed over the last year or so, we had not raised our prices in nearly 30 Years!


Before Joining a Weight Loss Program, We Recommend Looking Into

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