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Covid 19 Update


Can Weight Loss help protect against COVID-19? ​ "In the holiday season, when the average American can easily pack on a few pounds, experts say there is another reason to pay attention to your weight: COVID-19 ​ People who are overweight or obese are at a much higher risk of much more severe disease and even death from Covid-19, and one study suggests that losing weight can reduce that risk.

People with obesity are 46% more at risk of getting Covid-19, according to a study from August. It found they are also more at risk of getting really sick, facing a 113% higher chance of being hospitalized, a 74% higher risk of needing to be treated in the ICU and --- perhaps most troubling of all --- a 48% increased risk of death. "

Read the full article below:

​We are still maintaining very strict precautions and safety measures.

Depending on how you progress through our COVID Screening Process (flu symptoms), it is possible you are asked to leave and return at a later time. This being for your safety as well as ours.

For Palatine, When busy our parking lot is our WAITING ROOM. While slow, feel free to come on in as normal.

In OAK BROOK, once you arrive, feel free to walk inside the clinic like normal. You will be directed at the door.


Your safety and good health is very important to us.

Welcome to THE JORIE WEIGHT LOSS CENTER. We’ll be so pleased to see you!

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